Education is a collective effort. It needs the active involvement of all stakeholders. At the core of a successful system lies communication. The Minister, MECs, and HODs need to communicate on a constant basis the vision for the sector. All stakeholders need to stay informed and updated about the progress as outlined in the  Action Plan in order to play their part in ensuring the success of the education. CAPS MEDIA has been established to play the vital role of facilitating communication in the education sector. The company is a specialist in education and has dedicated all its programming towards education and the basic education sector is a priority. 


We exist to ensure that all stakeholders stay informed, updated and that they participate in the advancement of Education as outlined in the Government Education Action Plan. Through our programming and utilization of digital evolution, we help learners and teachers primarily supplement their learning and teaching to meet the National Curriculum standards


Our mission is to provide a platform for engagement by all stakeholders in the basic education sector. We exist as support tool for learners and teachers alike to ensure that each one achieves their objectives.