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Mohloli Secondary School is one of the 35 schools identified in Gauteng to be converted into a School of Specialisation (SoS). This is the sixth school of specialization to be launched, in 2016 Curtis Nkondo School of Specialisation was launched, followed by Magaliesburg School of Specialisation in 2017. Phelindaba Secondary School and Edward Phatudi Comprehensive Schools of Specialisation were launched in 2018, also known as the Nuclear schools. Rhodesfield School of Engineering, our Aviation school was also launched the same year. Mohloli School of Specialisation will focus on Maritime Studies, through practical and theoretical learning. Learners will frequently get exposure to work places in their fields of study. This school will focus on subjects such as Maritime Economics, Nautical Sciences and Maritime Sciences. Learners at the said school are currently learning to swim, a safety prerequisite prior to going onto the ocean. The Department intends to launch Schools of Specialisation in each of the five (5) corridors in the Gauteng Province, responding to the skills needs in the region, the province and the country. Schools of Specialisation (SoS) offer a highly specialised curriculum and seek to nurture the development of top talent in South Africa across key disciplines, breeding the country’s future generation of leaders. A graduate of the SoS can look forward to multiple exit opportunities including joining the labour market, entrepreneurship or furthering their studies. These schools will also assist in addressing skills shortages in Gauteng by creating skilled labour for the economy that will respond to the Transformation, Modernisation and Re-Industrialisation strategy of the Gauteng City Region. Funding and Sector Partnerships: To sustain a School of Specialisation, additional funding and support from sector partners and industry is critical. We have established partnerships with, among others, the following: ·         South African International Maritime Institute ·         South African Maritime Safety Authority and ·         Transnet National Ports Authority These partners deal directly with the Maritime Industry. Although the school currently offers the CAPS curriculum, there will be specialisation focussed subjects: Maritime Economics, Nautical Studies and Marine Sciences. The learners will also partner with Maritime Schools in the Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. For more information, contact the Gauteng Department of Education’s Spokesperson, Steve Mabona on 072 574 3860. Issued by the Gauteng Department of Education For media releases, speeches and news visit the Gauteng Provincial Government’s portal at

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