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For those who have been considering registering for the mid-year examination opportunity, time is running out. Registration for this second chance opportunity to write or rewrite the Matric examinations closes on the 31st January 2019. As the Department of Basic Education we would encourage all learners who want to take up this opportunity to go to the departments website and register before 31 January 2019. This examination is intended for those learners who have not completed their matric, but also those who want to improve their results and write a supplementary examination as well as those who failed their matric. There are a number of online resources at the disposal of learners to assist with their studies and give them the best possible chance of success. Learners can visit and click on the link to register for the Amended Senior Certificate examinations at the bottom left of the DBE website homepage.  This will link learners to an online registration portal. Alternatively learners can visit their nearest district education office and register in person there. As the Department of Basic Education we would encourage all of those who qualify to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to attain a Matric Certificate which could be the gateway to a better life. ISSUED ON BEHALF OF THE DEPARTMENT OF BASIC EDUCATION

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