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The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) reaffirms its commitment to place about 23 644 unplaced learners, as the 31 October 2018 deadline looms.

In ensuring that all learners are placed, the department has implemented the following measures:
• All Principals were on Thursday, 25 October 2018, informed to approve offers of placement from their schools.
• Subsequently, another communique was sent to all schools, to accept placements of parents who received confirmations from the District offices, such placements must be approved without delay.
• The department took a decision to remove from the system about 21 094 learners that have not submitted the relevant documents, those learners will be considered at a later stage.
• About 5 974 learners forfeited their spaces, because they didn’t accept or reject placements and subsequently their spaces were offered to those interested.
Our officials are working tirelessly, to place learners in our schools, on average, approximately 1 500 learners per district are still to be placed. The two districts that have the highest numbers of unplaced learners are Tshwane South and Ekurhuleni North.
This is a critical period which is closely monitored by relevant officials.
“We are committed to place all unplaced learners at our schools, officials are working around the clock to place learners. This is to appeal with parents to be patient and work with our officials for necessary placements to be processed. It must be noted that, most schools are full and unfortunately, not all learners will be placed at their preferred schools” said MEC Lesufi.
For more information, contact the Gauteng Department of Education’s Spokesperson, Steve Mabona on 072 574 3860.
Issued by the Gauteng Department of Education
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