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The Eastern Cape Department of Education’s (ECDoE) acting Head of Department Ray Tywakadi is calling for calm at Ndaliso senior secondary school following the burning down of the administration block of the school last night.

The burning of the administration block follows a protest by the school’s Grade 12 progressed learners who were demanding to write all the subjects depite the advice from the department to write some this year and the remainder of them next year as they are part of the Multiple Examination Opportunity candidades.
Due to this protest,350 learners from this exam Centres failed to write English First Additional Language (FAL) Paper 1 yesterday. All the efforts were made to convince them but in vain.
Out of 358 candidates registered to write their examination, 232 are progressed learners, while 126 are promoted learners.
During the protest, the protesting learners also assaulted the Deputy Principal of the school. As part of managing the situation, a meeting was held yesterday to address the following demands from the protesters:
1. The department must give permission to write all 7 subjects; and
2. Department must give new Grade 11 reports cards which shows they passed all subjects in 2017 (despite the fact that they failed).
In the meeting a group of these learners agreed to write their examinations as of today, while the other group remained hell bent and wanted to disrupt all agreed upon issues.
The multi stakeholders’ meeting adjourned yesterday having agreed to utilise a nearby school to accommodate those who want to write their examinations. Before the meeting adjourned yesterday, all stakeholders agreed to continue engaging the small group which didn’t want to write their examinations.
This morning, district officials woke up to the sad news that the protesting learners continued with the protest and burned down the administration block of the school. Police have been called to monitor the tense situation at the school.
Due to the volatile situation at 5he school, the OR Tambo Coastal education district manager, Varkeychan Joseph is calling all stakeholders to a meeting at 10:00 am today.
This meeting according to the district manager will help evaluate the situation and map out a way forward to the situation. Police have been called to ensure state property, educators and learners are protected from this vicious attacks by protesters.
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